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American artist Christopher Wool works and resides in New York City. He is best known for his paintings of large stenciled letters on white canvases dealing with post-conceptual ideas as subject.

In his non-representational painting he evokes energy through movement and weight of his line. The viewer is left with the same feeling of immediacy one has walking the streets of New York, and an awareness of the City’s urban entropy, its daily replacing and covering up in layers of residual appearance and disappearance.

Here is a selection of his non-representational work:

 Christopher Wool, New Linen 8
Limited Edition BravinLee Carpet

Christopher Wool at the Central Pavilion, Venice

From Wool, by Taschen

Christopher Wool Decks for New York’s Supreme Skateboards

Christopher Wool in his Studio in New York, 2006 by Eugene Richards