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After a long, long winter we can’t help but crave that “island feel”. Even if you’re not lucky enough to be jetsetting off to warmer climates, we invite you unpack your resort wear and get inspired with a punch of the tropics from these cool accents of palms, ferns, playful citrus tones, and clean black and white. You can almost smell the warm ocean breeze …

Vintage French White Plaster Palm Torchere from Chairish


Vans Shoes


Cole & Son Palm Leaves Wallpaper

Solange Knowles – Mia Moretti x Pencey – NY Magazine

Nikky Hilton’s LA home – InStyle

Christian Lacroix Sol Y Sombra Teapot


Pick up a copy of the September editions of Elle Decor and Architectural Magazine to see a Kwinter & Co. designed room featuring a custom crafted Avery Boardman upholstered headboard with nailhead detailing and hand-tufted, jacquard-covered mattress. Makers of beds, sofa beds, chaises, armchairs and ottomans, the choices are endless – visit their showroom at the D&D Building to learn more about their bespoke projects.

Invitation from DDC for the Andy Warhol Opening Reception & Elle Decor’s October 2012 Fashion Issue with Ivanka Trump Celebration.

The 2012 Fashion Issue of Elle Decor

Ivanka Trump & Michael Boodro, Elle Decor Editor

Limited edition Prouvé RAW pieces, designed by Jean Prouvé and re-issued by Vitra and G-Star RAW.

Tom Seaver, Liza Minelli, Brillo, Joseph Beuys & Art Area are all subjects of the selection of Warhols being shown at the DDC.

Issued to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first showing of Warhol’s paintings of the celebrated soup can, Target releases Campbell’s Soup Cans. They have famous Warhol quotes on them like “In the future, everybody will be world-famous for 15 minutes,’’ and a picture of the artist on the back.


 photos courtesy of ddc & BFA

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Pinterest has exploded, and it’s easy to see why. Pinterest allows you to clip and save images you find around the internet or add your own, it’s like that pegboard in your childhood room or the inside of your grade school locker all over again! Visual, inspiring, and easy to use Pinterest had 11 million visits last week alone!

Each image links back to the website from which it was taken, and images can be organized by topic, color, design, event or any other category.

While there’s not yet a way to quantify pins, style and home decor are among Pinterest’s most popular pinning categories, says Lauren Indvik, an editor at the social media news blog

Remodeling your kitchen? Create a “Kitchen Makeover” pinboard and scour Pinterest for ideas. Or go more specific: “Countertop Ideas” or “Kitchen Paint Colors.”

Women make up most of Pinterest’s more than 10 million users, and are driving traffic to home magazines like Country Living and Elle Decor in record numbers, says Indvik. Last summer, Pinterest sent more traffic to than Facebook and Twitter combined, and House Beautiful magazine has seen triple-digit increases in referrals in the past six months!

So, if you’re interested, follow my pins here or email me for an invitation!

Are you Pinteresting?

Recently I was asked to give an opinion of “what color to paint the book shelves?”.  Seems simple but there is much to consider before making that choice.  I usually favor white matte lacquer – but depending on the room and atmosphere – there are some really gorgeous choices.  I am most enamored by  book shelves in unusual places – like the dining room pictured here.  I think it is so hip and fabulous to introduce something unexpected in the space.  That is what design is all about.  Kindle can’t touch this …

Minnie Mortimer’s Los Angeles Home

Thomas O’Brien

Karl Lagerfeld from The Selby

From The Selby’s White Book

Sara Story’s Manhattan apartment in Elle Decor

The Selby

Ralph Lauren Elle Decor

Paul Beliveau

Elle Decor

Ring Made from Old Books

Elle Decor

Stephen Sills in Elle Decor

Flannel & Paisley

It started about four years ago. I was in a very busy fabric store in Toronto with my mother, who has great taste and whose opinion I trust implicitly. I was looking for over an hour and came back to her empty-handed. We were on a mission to redo her family room. My last hope was an obscure fabric selection on the second level. It was like a beacon of light when I reached the top of those stairs-suit fabric was going to be my savior. I rushed back down and declared the new sofa will be in gray flannel! Once I had my hands on the soft gray fabric, I knew that was it. Since that day my adoration for all things gray flannel has only increased and never tired. Against white walls, beautiful art, and many different type of carpets – it has become my workhorse. I still get the same thrill when scheming a room if I can use it as a starting point. I just had my own sofa recovered in it. Two days ago I took a new client to see another sofa at the upholsterer that was stunning in dark blue velvet. She liked it but then noticed my gray flannel sofa just recovered, pointed to it and told me ,”I like the gray flannel … it’s different”.

A Very “Cool” Bedroom

Yves Saint Laurent


Hermes Throw

Runway Grays

Sara Story Design

Ace Hotel


Flannel & Fur

Shades of Gray

Gray Flannel

Kwinter & Co.

Robert Stilin


We get many calls a month from potential clients looking to hire a design firm.  Many of these calls come from people who have seen our work published in a magazine or have randomly found us on the internet. Over the years it has struck me how difficult it is for younger clients to understand how interior designers work.  Partly this is because each and every designer has different terms, and there is no book one can read to find out exactly which designer will be the best fit.

Our design firm has a fairly straightforward policy of projects that we are interested to discuss further.

We have compiled some key questions and some important ideas when researching to hire a designer.

1) Look through the designers portfolio and make sure that you are in sync with their style.  Make sure there are 1 or 2 projects that you would be happy to end up living in or at least 5-6 rooms that you relate to and really like.  Not every item/color has to be your favorite- it is more of an overall style.

2) Before you email a designer make a comprehensive list of size of your home, location, rooms that you would like to have furnished.  Is art  going to be part of the design project and budget? You will save yourself a huge amount of time if you can have this information ready to provide a designer first, to see if they have availability and are interested.

Many design firms, like ours, prefer to only take on whole homes/apartments – so that the look will be cohesive at the end of the day.  We also know that there are 3 elements to make for a great outcome: Time, style and money.  We have to assess if all of these elements are present to make our clients very happy with a gorgeous home.

3) Meet the designer and make sure that you connect.  It is like dating and then like marriage- you need to get along and not feel any tension. You need to be able to talk openly with the designer about any concerns and feel like the designer is listening and excited about your project. You need to agree to the terms in the contract.

Very important- you need to call 2-3 recent references!  Also- ask for references that found the designer the same way you did (i.e. online, magazine, blog, etc..).

Hope this is helpful and makes for an easier search. I will post more suggestions in the next few weeks.

Kwinter & Co. House Beautiful and Canada's Style at Home Covers