My design philosophy is and long has been to emphasize comfort, yet ensure that chic remains a constant. Keeping these ideas in mind creates two guideposts that lead to timeless, yet exciting, fresh and easily adaptable spaces.


Kwinter Designed Larchmont Residence

Like many in the design community, we also believe that your home should reflect your style. One simple suggestion to accomplish this is to mix custom pieces with high-quality modern and vintage furnishings to create a design that gets better with time.

Need some inspiration? Find a way to visit a design showroom – most cities have them and you generally can get into a showroom without having to be a recognized interior designer. Or check out the classic works of Karl Springer, Frances Elkins and Samuel Marx as well as more contemporary greats such as David Hicks, who helped set the design / style bar for an entire era.


Kwinter Designed Woodstock Residence

I generally start the design process by working with clients to identify where they are in life and where they aspire to be. This helps set us on the appropriate and correct path. For younger clients, I also like to ensure that they incorporate that youth into their design, even if it’s a traditional house on the outside. Few things please me more than when the door swings open to reveal interior design that surprises and delights every guest.


Kwinter Designed Dining Room

Wallpapers and other wall treatments are sensational ways to create focal points as well as serving to elongate and heighten spaces. This technique is a great way to create statement rooms and highlight unique architecture.


Kwinter Designed Manhattan Dining Area

Choose your focal point and think about color. But keep in mind that walls painted white look great when hanging art and the art does not need to be expensive to look good. Even small spaces can have the grandest style.


Kwinter Designed Woodstock Residence

Additionally, window treatments help polish and finish an overall room design, particularly if you take views and light into account. We advise clients to avoid fads and trends that will quickly go out of date. For long-lasting quality, impact and functionality, consider splurging on custom designed window finishes. Keep in mind that you don’t have to break the bank to create beautiful design that will endure.


Kwinter Designed Westchester Residence

Here are 3 quick ideas that may help:



Think simple and clean. No need to overcomplicate the design process.


Kwinter Designed Contemporary Living Room



Have a color scheme in mind and stick with it. Create a rich look by using shades of the same color.


Kwinter Designed Purchase New York Residence



Buy fewer items of better quality. Be green and shop vintage. As I mentioned earlier, vintage furnishings can enhance classic, timeless design.


Kwinter Designed Larchmont Residence