Flannel & Paisley

It started about four years ago. I was in a very busy fabric store in Toronto with my mother, who has great taste and whose opinion I trust implicitly. I was looking for over an hour and came back to her empty-handed. We were on a mission to redo her family room. My last hope was an obscure fabric selection on the second level. It was like a beacon of light when I reached the top of those stairs-suit fabric was going to be my savior. I rushed back down and declared the new sofa will be in gray flannel! Once I had my hands on the soft gray fabric, I knew that was it. Since that day my adoration for all things gray flannel has only increased and never tired. Against white walls, beautiful art, and many different type of carpets – it has become my workhorse. I still get the same thrill when scheming a room if I can use it as a starting point. I just had my own sofa recovered in it. Two days ago I took a new client to see another sofa at the upholsterer that was stunning in dark blue velvet. She liked it but then noticed my gray flannel sofa just recovered, pointed to it and told me ,”I like the gray flannel … it’s different”.

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