Kwinter Design, photo by Yale Wagner


What are the 5 most important questions to ask an Interior Designer before hiring them? Here’s five tips to help you start off right on your next design project.

1) TIMELINES: Do you have time to work on my project? How long, do you estimate, will it take to complete my project?

2) MONEY: How do you charge for your services- is there an hourly rate, percentage on purchases, signing fee, per room rate- or some combination of these?

Do you think the amount budgeted for this project is sufficient to complete part, or all of the room?

Can you work with my few existing pieces of furniture that I would like to use in the project? Do you think the pieces I already own would work well in the new design? If not, please let me know your thoughts.

Who accepts deliveries of furniture and inspects them?
If there is an installation of drapes/wallpaper/paint, etc., who oversees it? How is this billed?

Who will I be dealing with on a daily/weekly basis, from your office? Is it mainly the head designer or an assistant/intern?
Please specify who is in charge of the design.


Something we missed? Comment with the questions you think are crucial when it come to hiring a designer.